Treat Spills and Accidents Immediately on Location

ELMN8 is available for Pipeline Rupture, Well Blowouts, Hazmat Hazards, Refinery Plants & all other Petroleum Spill Clean-Ups

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OMG Services

OMG Crews are available for all of South Texas's needs and offers multiple remediation services such as landfarming, injection and leeching.

Products ELMN8 & ELMN8+

Virtually a non-hazardous, non-toxic solution, that treats hydrocarbon contamination through an immediate chemical oxidation process.

Oil & Gas Industry

ISN and PEC certified to remediate pipeline ruptures, well blowouts and facility tanks saving major O&G Company's 60% clean-up fees.  

Emergency Response

Treat all hazardous threats such as exposed gasoline spills and diesel leaks and instantly open closed roads back up, allowing traffic to flow regularly.

"Cleaning the world one spill at a time"


Michael Litwak, PA

"We were able to test, apply, and get out of harms way faster with Hanby's quick results and OMG's quick application."

James Mills, CHMM, EHS Director FDL Energy

"This product has given me peace of mind knowing that I can have high risk hydrocarbon releases remediated the same day at a reasonable price." 

Rodney Moore, TX

"ELMN8 is a truly remarkable product and customer service exceeds my expectations."