OMG Solution owns, manufactures and produces their patent pending non-hazardous and non-toxic solution, ELMN8.  When applied it treats hydrocarbon contamination through a chemical oxidation process that produces harmless byproducts of water and carbon dioxide. 

Unlike other in-situ methods, ELMN8 does not utilize Enzymes or Microbos and has an immediate effect when surface contact is made. It is not weather sensitive and does not contain a shelf life when stored properly. Another added benefit of ELMN8 is due to the immediate oxidation of the hydrocarbon contamination; crude oil, refined products or a combination of the two, the flashpoint is immediately killed.

ELMN8+ works the exact same way on water as ELMN8 works on soil through an oxidation process, breaking down hydrocarbon contamination into individual elements hydrogen and carbon, which oxidize into harmless byproducts; water and carbon dioxide. ELMN8+ does not sink contaminates, contain microbes or leaves anything left that must be picked up for disposal.

OMG Solutions does not focus on treating bodies of water at this time due to many regulatory bodies require ELMN8+ to be on the NCP List. The submission is waiting for approval by the EPA under Miscellaneous Oil Spill Control Agent – MOSCA.

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The Hanby system is a field portable method for the determination of petroleum related substances in soil and water.

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